• Natalie Belanger

Tips for Living Hygge (Happy)

During a recent visit to our local public library with my son, I was drawn to a display showcasing various adult books. While, none of them particularly caught my eye at the time, it was the idea behind taking out a book and spending the alone time reading that led me to the area. After skimming through the books a little more, I caught sight of a glimmer of gold. Anyone who knows me, knows my fondness for gold, so that day I took the gorgeous book Hygge: A Danish Art of Happiness home with me and immediately couldn't put it down. The emotions it sparked in me while reading, inspired me to research into the subject of hygge, which has since been a game changer for me.

If you're not familiar with hygge, its core encompasses togetherness, being present and enjoying life through indulgence, relaxation, and comfort. It has since inspired me on ways of finding my happiness and has helped to bring clarity to my everyday purpose (including my work).

Meik Wiking, chief executive officer of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of the Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living has been key in keeping me motivated to continue to work towards a higher purpose.

In an article written by Kristin Canning for Health.com she summarizes Wiking's work into six tips to adding more hygge to your everyday life.

1) Create a cozy atmosphere in your home by including candlelight, nature, and rich textures.

2) Stock a self-care emergency kit. Replace TV and surfing the web with self-care rituals that involve your favourite tea, a good book, a good blanket, or warm wool socks.

3) Learn a craft and be open to sharing it with a close friend.

4) Indulge in hygge (pleasurable) foods - think decadent, hearty or warming.

5) Start a new tradition with people you love.

6) Practice gratitude. Studies show it makes you happier, more forgiving and less materialistic.

Are you currently practicing hygge? I'd love to connect with you on how you're practicing and any tips you can share! Comment below, or shoot me a personal email at hello@rare-events.com

To you health xo

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