• Natalie Belanger

Find Your Why

Finding your why, your purpose in life, can be a never ending journey. When you think you've come to a point where you've got everything figured out, life throws you a curveball that makes you second guess it all.

This is the story of one of my curveballs and tips I've found that have worked to get me back on track.

After having recently suffered the loss of our unborn child I struggled with thoughts and emotions surrounding myself and my health. These thoughts and feelings ultimately circled back to feeling as if I wasn’t living the 'best me'. At the time I was a full time at home mom, launching my own business and was struggling to juggle everything. I felt I needed to take to heart the ‘work smarter not harder’ mentality or my health both physically and mentally would spiral further than it already had, I just didn't know how to 'regroup'.

Fast forward to today. I am closer to a me I want to live with. I am taking control of my health by focusing on mood management, eliminating toxins within our household and most importantly eliminating drug based health remedies for the many health issues I have and continue to suffer with.

How did I zone in on what my personal why was? I followed these four questions and made sure to write down the answers as they came to mind:

1) What excites me and makes me come alive (I had to connect with those close to me to get their insights to get me started with brainstorming)?

2) What is my personal health goal(s)?

3) What or who gets me out of the bed everyday?

4) If there were someone or something to take care of the things I do everyday that I don't like doing, what would my perfect day look like (for those of you who are givers like me, try to think only about yourself when writing this down. It's OK to not want to cook every meal or wash your own clothes.)?

The key to the success of this question and answer exercise is to not overly think or 'edit' your answers as they come. Often we as people second guess our thoughts based on what is 'right' or to please others. Once you've got your answers written down, the idea is to then do whatever it takes to make your 'perfect day', your everyday.

I'd love to connect with you on how these questions inspired you in narrowing down your personal why and how you're working towards making your perfect day, your everyday! Comment below, or shoot me a personal email at hello@rare-events.com.

To you health xo

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